Waldon here guys, and I'm going to offer my sincere apologies to anybody who's stuck around long enough to read this, and to the people who've gone on to greener pastures, but there's only so much time going around for both of us lately, and school comes first.

So, until the we get our break at the start of march, I doubt this blog will be updated often! My deepest apologies!

But, if you have any comments for us, feel free to leave one here or on the last blog. If you've anything to say to us personally, feel free to email me at waldonbest@hotmail.ca !

Anybody feel like writing a blog for us...? :P Nah... I didn't think there was. xD (Although, anybody with free time on their hands and a tendency to blather, well... I'll post any blog you send me, and in return I'll post a few sketches for whomever decided to do it.) Well! Good luck to anything you all choose to continue with over our little hiatus, and I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you so much for staying with us!