Waldon here. I figure I should post a song lyric that seems to suit the situation. This is a post on here now to for me to make a small yet large announcement.

We, or at least I, have reached an era of unofficial hiatus for the blog.

Bre is having computer problems, and I've just started work again, on top of the school finals coming up soon. I'm sure that within a month or so we'll have gotten a few posts up here and there, but by large we'll only be posting a time or two within the while.

Please hold on for us, I'm sure we'll both be back for all of you before you know it. :)

 With all due condolences, and the utmost respect for your patience,
ME! That's who! :D

Haha, I haven't written a post in ages! I'm so sorry! It's been so busy around here... I promise I'll try to do better.

- Bre

P.S. The blog will hopefully become regular again. ! :)