Bre and I have been updating this site for two years now. We've written over 300000 total words and spent well over 100 hours in total writing for the blog and working on the picture pages.

But... we've received next to no feedback with the solid 50 hits daily we'd receive. (sometimes, over 400 unique addresses would view our site.).

So, saying this, bre and I have actually posted comments on this site more often than the viewers have.

I've accepted three comments for the boxes on the blog page; two from Chinese spam bots and one from a good friend of mine.

You may have noticed that we don't update much anymore. That's because there's no reason to; I've never gotten an email from anybody, nobody comments on our blogs, and nobody ever answers the questions I ask. I personally have no motivation to continue posting, but I did, just to entertain the few that still read here.

So, I can't promise I'll update regularly, but I might post every now and again. Hopefully with actual comments or some sort of gratification. Thank you all for reading our site, and I'll try to be back here again soon!
- Waldon