Waldon here, Bre and I just updated the webcomics list in Th' Poop Deck. Until Bre stepped in, I wasn't even capable of creating the full bullet list. Sometimes I love you Bre. :P Bless that woman. Weeks of work on that page, and in less than 10 minutes she comes along and solves the problem for me. xD There are a large number of webcomics in that list and I read them all.

But I also need to add LINKS to them all from the page. Sadly, that is going about as swimmingly as making the bullets were. On a COMPLETELY unrelated topic, I am a horrible swimmer. Fine in theory, difficult in practice.

Someday, I'll get all of that stuff done. Hopefully I don't let Bre down too much in the meantime, yeah?

Anyways, off with my head and all that! WALDON AWAY!
Honest to goodness, we’re sorry. It’s been so hectic lately with school and home and extras in between! We haven’t had time to do much of anything.

SO! This is just a quick post to apologize and say that we’ll get something on the go soon. I think I’ve figured out how to make a bulleted list longer on a page. Now I just have to find Junior to tell him. Good luck to me!

The only things that will be updated regularly are the blogs (this one and the other one) until Junior and I can get together to do something. Now, enjoy what’s here until we get something else.  :D

Okay, so this is the second site update blog in how many days?
I've been working on the picture section of the site, and I don't have any other ideas than creating a Flickr account and making it a slide show viewer linked directly to Flickr with a picture feed. That stops us from lagging the page with a ridiculous number of photos on the same page by just making one changing picture. Which sounds good enough. . .


For some reason, Bre can't see the description of the pictures. Only a white block shows up around the photo when it zooms out to show the actual comment. That sucks. This means that there's something being lost in the information transfer. Maybe it's just her network? Who knows.

Also, I'm having a lot of trouble with creating the webcomics list. I can't make the bullet forms for the writing actually form more than one bullet. It always just stays at one, and creates one long bullet paragraph instead of several points.
So I thought I could try and get the Home page of our site as a blog-ish sort of deal, done with the intent of being able to go back into the archives and see what has happened to the site over the past few days or weeks, etc.

If this works, I was thinking of changing the home page besides this one into an "about the authors" sort of thing. If I can get this just right, I wont have to worry about too much dead space on the site. I hate seeing dead space on a page.

Of course, I need to get Bre's consent before I can actually do anything. I would hate to do something she doesn't want done. Being rude is bad.

So without further ado, I'm going to end this post.