Hey all !

Just a quick note to say that some pictures were added! Nothing too exciting, mind you. Just some beautiful scenery pics from yesterday (if you haven’t already found them - look on the Poop Deck). Blogs are still regular.

Now some food for thought: carrots are good for your eyesight! Eat carrots. Yum yum. That carrot there is the one that I ate from Junior’s garden last month. It was about a centimeter long. It was amazing. Fresh vegetables are the best!

- Bre :)

Happy, Happy November! It’s hard to believe that it’s almost the end of 2010 already.

To the point: The blog shall be updated by both Junior and I. We’re taking turns. Junior does it one night, and I do it the next. We’re still working at the webcomics page... Slowly.

Anywho! Enjoy.

- Bre :)