We're finally back! Or at least, attempting to get back into our rhythm.

We'll try to get more posts up, and we'll probably be missing a few posts here and there, but please stay patient with us, as we'll be trying our hardest to give you all posts and updates regularly. That's what we promised when we started this blog, and I'd think we should be able to do it again!

Thank you all for bearing with us, all of you who've been continually checking up and reading this site are godsent to us. Your patience is a gift!

With all our best wishes and hopes to continue,
Waldon here. I figure I should post a song lyric that seems to suit the situation. This is a post on here now to for me to make a small yet large announcement.

We, or at least I, have reached an era of unofficial hiatus for the blog.

Bre is having computer problems, and I've just started work again, on top of the school finals coming up soon. I'm sure that within a month or so we'll have gotten a few posts up here and there, but by large we'll only be posting a time or two within the while.

Please hold on for us, I'm sure we'll both be back for all of you before you know it. :)

 With all due condolences, and the utmost respect for your patience,
ME! That's who! :D

Haha, I haven't written a post in ages! I'm so sorry! It's been so busy around here... I promise I'll try to do better.

- Bre

P.S. The blog will hopefully become regular again. ! :)

While Breanna and Junior are away I was asked to do this blog, (I agreed to do it once and only once :P). At the moment they have already spent two days in London, England, and are in Paris,France until supper time tomorrow then heading to Rome (France is five hours ahead of Labrador)
Cool fact : When you put salt on frog legs... they twitch!! :) Why did I mention that? Well I told Bre that she should get someone else to buy some frog legs for dinner or supper while they are in Paris, so that she could test this and see if it is true. If she managed to do so... I don't know yet and won't know until she gets back.
Anyways I only wanted to keep you all "posted" (dry joke :P, for those that don't understand... dry jokes is a big thing between me and Bre lol) on their trip. One of them will get back to writing the blog when they get back. 

P.S. - Sorry for any spelling mistakes- I am not the best with english grammar :P
Waldon here on a quick update! Bre and I will be gone for the next near two weeks or so on a trip to Europe! We'll try to get the blog updated if we can, but don't hold your hopes up, okay? :P

Bre asked Britt to update for us if she want's to, but she's got her own things to be doing. I hope we'll get SOMETHING up while we're gone, if not, wait for our amazing return posts! We'll have pictures and everything!

Now... for Europe, the rest of you squares are going on one of those newfangled aeroplanes! I'll be doing this the MANLY way.


We'll see you in two weeks! :D

I’m almost out of Skittles. (O_O)

I have approximately 8 left… Am I hyperventilating yet?

This is just a post to alert anyone who cares that I’m pretty much out of Skittles, so I don’t know what will keep me going for the next little while. My blogs might become less frequent, make less sense, etc.

Oh, and that I’m going to try to post some pictures from Friday night. Yay!

-Bre :)

Okay, so this is just a little post to say that I’M STRESSED over stupid little things. At the moment, I’m going through all of the categories on the blog, so if you’re wondering where one disappeared – now you know. Please bear with me. This is going to take a while. I started sorting through 54. Wish me luck! I’ll get Junior to help the next time we’re together.

- Bre :)

Happy Valentine's day, everyone! For the first time in my life, I can say that honestly. I have indeed had a wonderful day. Junior made my day when he picked me up this morning for school by giving me an origami heart. It is the most beautiful thing in the world. :)

AND! A very happy 18th birthday to Junior! :D   <3

Also, this is the first Valentine's day that I haven't been single. Thanks for ruining the single streak, Junior. Surprisingly, today wasn't too sappy overall. All I can say is this: give someone you love a hug and a kiss, and tell them that you care. That means more than anything else. Well, to me anyway.

So! This is it for the home blog post tonight.

- Bre :)
Waldon here, and I'd just like to take the chance to wish everybody who reads this a Happy New Year! Thank you, anybody who actually takes the time to come here and read what we've got to say, it's a wonderful thing for you to do.

Sorry for the lack of links in the the Webcomics section. I realize that it's been months since I've said I was going to do it, and despite all the excuses I could come up with including a new laptop WITHOUT the links, and weebly not cooperating, I know that it's just me. My resolution this year is to do it without fail, and if I do procrastinate, you all have the right to shun me. :P

So one more time, HAPPY NEW YEARS!
As the title indicates, MERRY CHRISTMAS. It’s midnight now, so it most definitely counts. Don’t argue with my logic.

This is just a quick post to wish everyone a happy holidays and PLEASE, be careful! Don’t drink and drive, do drugs and drive, eat too much turkey and drive, etc. We do care, you know. But, fill up enough today so that you won’t have to be eating as many hot turkey sandwiches for the next two weeks (or is that just here?).

I’ll bring this to a close by saying Merry Christmas (from Junior and I) once again and take care!

- Bre :)